Books by Aubrey Graves - Published Paperbacks of the Paranormal
Self-Published Author and Paranormal Investigator

  Ghost hunter, empath, and conduit Aubrey Graves is a local from Santa Cruz, California. She resides there with her husband Sean, their two dogs Arlo and Chachi, and several lingering spirits.

Aubrey Graves
  Aubrey grew up in a haunted house and has always had a vast interest in the supernatural. In her second book, Ghosts of Santa Clara County, she includes her and her family and friends' paranormal encounters at her old house on Hill Park Drive in San Jose, California. 

Photo: Aubrey Graves and possible spirit illumination.
Hill Park Drive, San Jose, CA, 1988.

-Note: 3 psychics and a photo specialist, all believe the green streak on my right is caused by something paranormal.

 Having supernatural experiences makes one curious to see what others have encountered…


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